Mission Possible

by Marilyn Laszlo with Luci Tumas. Forward by Franklin Graham. Ages 9 – Adult.

Back Cover Text:

Marilyn Laszlo longed to communicate the gospel to the colorful Sepik Iwam people of Papua New Guinea. But how could she bring the light of God’s Word to a culture steeped in fear and darkness when the people had no written language?

Mission Possible Book Cover

Giving up a comfortable life as a teacher, Marilyn poured herself into Bible translation. Strange sights, sounds, customs, and food became a way of life — as did fatigue, isolation, disease, and deadly snakes. But the payoff far exceeded anything she had imagined.

Mission Possible is the story of Marilyn Laszlo’s relentless efforts to translate the Word of God into the Sepik Iwam language, resulting in the transformation of an entire people group.

“I believe that you will be fascinated, amazed, gripped by what God has done through this gutsy Christian lady. I think her faith, her patience, and her brokenhearted passion for the lost will stir in you a greater desire to let God work through you.” — from the Foreword by Franklin Graham

ISBN 0-8423-3881-0
180 pages, includes 10 pages of photos from Hauna Village.

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Mountain of Light

First Encounters with a Stone Age Tribe in Papua New Guinea

42:36 minute DVD

The first (1975) of several movies made in Hauna Village, Papua New Guinea, this film documents the early days of the Sepik Iwam Bible Translation Project in a primitive and challenging tribal culture. This is the story of a people group overshadowed by generations of fear of evil spirits. The light of God’s Word begins to penetrate as Bible translators undertake the arduous task of creating a written language and providing Scriptures for the people. A monumental symbol of the transformation taking place in the hearts of the people stands in the center of their village. A hill used for generations as a burial ground, a place of fear and foreboding, becomes a “Mountain of Light.”

Mountain of Light DVD

Extra features:

  • “Survivor” Audition Video for Marilyn Laszlo
  • “Mission Possible” (24 minutes) and “Rise Up, Let’s Go!” (32 minutes); both are talks given at Cedarville University in October 2004.
  • Nearly 400 still images in slide shows: Village Life; Translation; Church; School; Transportation; Medical; Production; Miscellaneous. The still images are also included as .jpg files for your non-commercial, educational or ministry use.

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Come By Here

A Church is Born in Hauna Village While Another Tribe Waits…

25:35 minute DVD. Angel Award Winner in the religious category.

This is the second film (1981) made in Hauna Village, Papua New Guinea, near the middle of the process of translating the Sepik Iwam New Testament. A visit to a distant village at the invitation of one of its residents reveals a new church building.

Although no outsider has ever been to their village, the people say they wanted to be ready for someone to come and tell them about God. So, they are waiting, they say, for someone to “come by here.” This video starts with an insightful and entertaining glimpse into an exotic culture, and ends with a powerful call to commitment to missions.

Come By Here DVD

Extra features:

  • Slide Show
  • Hauna Work Team
  • Stuck in the Stadium
  • What About Your Kids?
  • Filmmakers’ Commentary Track
  • Return to Hauna preview

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Return to Hauna

A Bible Translator’s Story from the Jungles of Papua New Guinea

48 minute “Special Edition” version DVD.

Angel Award Winner for excellence in communication.

In 1967, Marilyn Laszlo entered a village in Papua New Guinea to give the Sepik Iwam People God’s Word in their own language. Today the people who never imagined their talk could be carved on banana leaves now read in their own words “Papa God’s Carving.”

Marilyn tells the fascinating story of relationships, struggles, miracles, turning points, and steps of faith as she stands on the very groud where key events took place. Black & White stills and vivid film footage enhance this living history of God’s grace and a people’s transformation.

After nearly twenty-five years in Papua New Guinea, Marilyn Laszlo is a frequent, popular speaker at missions events and conferences. This DVD release contains both the original 30 minute version and the 48 minute “Special Edition” version.

Return to Hauna DVD

Extra features:

  • “Making Of..” slide show
  • Leap of Faith: Marilyn Skydives
  • PNG Aviation Footage
  • Filmmakers’ Audio Commentary
  • Marilyn Gets Doctorate
  • Dan and CIU Students

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A is for Airstrip: A Missionary’s Jungle Adventure

by Marilyn Laszlo with Elizabeth Maddrey and Linda Ellen Perry

This delightful children’s picture book is colorfully illustrated with nearly 70 photos from Marilyn Laszlo’s 25 years in the jungle of Papua New Guinea where she translated the Bible into the language of the Sepik Iwam people at the village of Hauna. God’s amazing story through Marilyn is presented as an ABC book with a short rhyme for each letter of the English alphabet. There is also an activity for each letter, and pairs of words showing the English and Sepik Iwam ways to say some common words.

A is for Airstrip: A Missionary's Jungle Adventure

Children, teens, and adults will all love this book! A is for Airstrip makes a great gift for children and grandchildren, would be an entertaining read in your lobby or waiting room, and is an instant “Missions” lesson for homeschoolers and teachers in classrooms and in Sunday School. A fabulous addition to your Church or school library, too.

ISBN 0-9720222-3-7

Here are three crossword puzzles based on the book!

  1. Puzzle 1 (PDF)
  2. Puzzle 2 (PDF)
  3. Puzzle 3 (PDF)

Sample Pages

  • A Note to the Reader: Children can have a lot of fun with this book! Beyond simply reading the adventure, the back of the book includes an activity page with a suggestion for each letter of the alphabet. Second, see how many things you can point out in each picture that begin with the theme letter for that page. Write a list of all the rhyming pairs of words you can find in the book (for example, “night” and “light”). Finally, the top border of the page has vocabulary words translating from English to Sepik Iwam. The bottom border of the page has words translating from Sepik Iwam to English. In all cases, the English words are always in brown, and the Sepik Iwam words are always in purple. Can you learn some Sepik Iwam words? Can you write a short story with some Sepik Iwam words included? Be creative! Have fun!
  • Sample Page

What People Are Saying About This Book:

This book generates laughter and surprise in an adventure to a far away place with strange sounding words. We imagined ourselves traveling by motorized dugout canoes, eating bugs while venturing into the jungle filled with crocodiles, wild boar, and the unknown. We marvel at Marilyn’s courage to leave the farmland of Indiana to bring the Word of God to the Sepik Iwam tribe in the remote jungle of Papua New Guinea. This celebrated story is a delight to share with our children and grandchildren.
— Dave and Sally Gotaas

Marilyn Laszlo’s life is an adventure. She’s a person of high energy and high creativity. In her obedience to God, she models the life we should all aspire to live. Through pictures and poetry, this book gives just a glimpse of the joy and new life that can come to many through the infectious enthusiasm and diligent work of one person. There’s plenty more work, plenty more places and groups of people. Perhaps by this book there will be more Marilyns too.
— Hyatt Moore, Former President of Wycliffe Bible Translators

Marilyn’s new book, A is for Airstrip, is delightful, humorous, and challenging. The freshness and life that we who know her have come to recognize in all her work is present here in the disarming guise of a reading primer. It will not be just the children who are captivated by the poetic text and the pictures. Readers of all ages will enjoy this recounting of Marilyn’s years of service among the Sepik Iwam people — a work that resulted in a nation and beyond coming to Jesus.
— Larry and Judy Clark

This book is a wonderful summary of Marilyn Laszlo’s life and work in Papua New Guinea. The delightful alphabetical rhymes tell the story of Marilyn, a missionary, and the Sepik Iwam people who received God’s Word in their own language with her help. Children will be thrilled to see authentic photos, read about a real missionary, and learn about another culture.
–Lisa Wilkison, Third Grade Teacher

What a thrill to have the story of God’s Word translated and written in their own language, for the Sepik Iwam people in Papua New Guinea, so beautifully and realistically illustrated! The faithfulness of Marilyn Laszlo, translator and missionary, in answering and obeying God’s call will inspire many, young and old alike. My prayer is that this story will encourage each reader to consider God’s call to serve Him, even in “far away” places.
–Bertha Bontrager Rhodes, Chairperson Emeritus of Jayco, Inc., a Manufacturer of Recreational Vehicles; and Member of the Board of Trustees, Wycliffe Associates.

I read the book to my grandchildren, and I think its fabulous! The story contains a lot of interesting information, and captures the commitment, the excitement, the danger, and the rewards of being God’s missionary. Marilyn did what many of us would like to do. Her story is one that appeals to all ages.
–Barbara Cash

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