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Thank you so much for your interest in the Laszlo Mission League!

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the Laszlo Mission League, please use the PayPal links here to donate via credit card, or e-check. Donations via PayPal are encrypted for security, and you do not have to have a PayPal account. If paying through Paypal, make sure to include your address, to allow us to send you a receipt for your tax-deductible donation.

All gifts are receipted monthly and with a final year-end receipt for tax purposes.

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Sponsor Shirley

Shirley Killosky is a full-time missionary still living in the village. From the beginning, Shirley has raised her own financial support to be on the mission field. Shirley knows the donors that support her in ministry and will be communicating regularly through letters and e-mails.

All funds to sponsor Shirley are managed by Laszlo Mission League. LML in turn pays Shirley a salary with proper payroll deductions as well as to administer the reimbursement of ministry expenses that she incurs.

To read more about Shirley click here.

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Marilyn Laszlo

Marilyn Laszlo Legacy Fund

Marilyn passed away from an aggressive case of Alzheimer’s disease. She was cared for in a private home with just a few Alzheimer’s patients in Chesteron, Indiana, just a few miles from the farm where she grew up. Members of her home church, donors, and the staff of Laszlo Mission League regularly visited Marilyn. She loved to sing and have messages read to her from her friends and donors. She watched her videos almost every day.

The LML Board of Directors established the Marilyn Laszlo Legacy Fund. This fund was originally set up to take care of Marilyn for the rest of her life. Now this fund will endow a perpetual scholarship to women pursuing mission work or Bible translation, in Marilyn’s honor.

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Sponsor a Child

There’s nothing more powerful to an at-risk child than hearing that someone believes in them enough to invest in their life. Children growing up in crippling poverty, without adequate nutrition, education, and healthcare, may never hear those transformational words…but through the gift of child sponsorship, you can make the difference. Sponsor a child in Hauna today and say, “I believe in you!” If you are already sponsoring a child and want to transfer to Laszlo Mission League, or you are brand new and would like to pick from a list of children waiting for a sponsor, please consider partnering with us.

You can sponsor a child for $39 a month, or $468 a year. Click HERE to see children who need your help today.

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Sponsor a Teacher

The amazing untold story of the Hauna Outreach are the teachers that are trained in Hauna and then sent out as missionaries to other villages where they set up a school, live in the village and bring education to those who would not have it otherwise. Each teacher must be sponsored by a team of donors to pay their wage and living expenses while in the neighboring village.

It takes $120 a month to sponsor a teacher, to teach in another village…or three sponsors giving $40 a month. Please sign up to help Hauna Outreach today.

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Sponsor Hauna Programs

The Hauna Outreach Program, which we call Sepik Christian Ministries, takes a lot of infrastructure to support the various programs. Whether it is maintaining one of the nine buildings, operating the saw mill to build a school building, buying fuel for the outboard motor on the dugout canoe or paying the satellite e-mail monthly fee. It’s expensive to keep it all going. Anything given to Hauna programs will be used where needed most unless designated to a specific project. Thank you for choosing to join us!