About Laszlo Mission League

Our Vision:

The vision is to see as many people as possible in the church get mobilized to be involved in overseas missions.

Our Mission:

The Laszlo Mission League is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization devoted to mobilizing Christians, and the church as a whole, to be involved in overseas missions, and specifically to place the Scriptures in the hands of all people in their own language to the glory of God.

What We Do:

Primarily, Laszlo Mission League facilitates the ministries in Hauna Village, Papua New Guinea and the outreach programs that are launched out of Hauna. This includes education, limited primitive medical care, basic needs of sponsored students such as hygiene products and some food, training and sending of teachers, and the infrastructure is takes to run these programs with things like a saw mill, a mechanic shop, wood shop and the grass landing strip.

Shirley Killosky is full-time in the village.

Marilyn Laszlo is retired and we continue the ministry that she started.

All gifts of support are tax deductible according to IRS rules regarding non-profit organizations.