Emails from YOU

Thank you so much to everyone who emails me! I travel a lot, so I apologize in advance for my slow responses! I just wanted to share a few emails that I’ve received recently:

Hey there greetings from Jacksonville ! You may or may not remember me, but you did two camps for us a few years back and then came and spoke in our church. The camps were held in north Georgia . You might remember me, we had a red jeep with the top off/down and we took you out to get an Icee while you were here. You said you never had one of them before. Well I just wanted to share that spending time with you was a part of my journey to where we are today. My family and I have been called to serve the Lord overseas and will be leaving mid July and serve with the IMB in Ukraine . This has been a long time coming and we are very excited. God used you to speak to meā€¦and I wanted you to know.

Praise God that he has called missionaries into the Ukraine. Please join me in praying for this family as they travel and settle in to their new home overseas.

Meeting you at Winter Fest was so inspiring. I look up to you so much. You had such a drive to do what you knew in your heart God set you out to do. A lot of people need that drive in the world today. I’m still trying to find my place and find what God has sent me to this world to do. I bought your book that day, and i have made it to chapter 7. I love it!!!

I’m so glad you’re enjoying the book. Keep praying, reading the Bible, going to church, and growing in the Lord, and God will guide you to your calling. Jeremiah 29 promises that God has a plan for each one of us.

Thank you for coming to our church. I know this weekend is one that will remain with me for the rest of my life. Thank you for your obedience in following your calling & sharing your stories. I am reminded of Corrie ten Boom & her book “Tramp for the Lord”. After experiencing the horrors of the concentration camp, she followed God’s calling her to travel the world to share the message He gave her. Your practical approach to walking the Christian life was refreshing. Your joy in the Lord is contagious. I love you in the Lord. May He continue to sustain you as you follow His plan.

Thank you. Please pray for me as I travel, for safety and refreshment. Pray that God will open hearts to His calling and His will and that people will respond to God.

There’s still time to book me to come see you this year. Check out my speaking calendar. If I’ll be near you, come join us. Otherwise, call Angie to book me for your event. Thank you!