Satan Lives in Sound Systems

There is hardly a time when I get up to speak that the sound system doesn’t go wacky. It could be a number of things. But not only that, there are so many different kinds of microphones, and not one is made for women. There are the ones you clip on your lapel or necktie. Well, women don’t wear neck ties, and we seldom have a lapel. I will go to the ladies room and try to maneuver this thing in order for it to be close to my mouth and not fall off.

Then there are the hand held microphones – that is just not going to work with me. I need both of my hands, I can’t hold a microphone. So they will put it on a microphone stand. That doesn’t work either. I can’t talk and stand frozen in one place for 45 minutes to an hour. I move around. So, here we are. Women like the ones that go around your ear. It’s the same color as your skin – you can’t see it…perfect for us. But they often give me one of those black head sets that go over your head. Oh, please, I look like an astronaut. But even though I try to make it all work, when I get up to talk, the sound system goes dead. No sound. 

The men back in the sound booth are pushing every button, changing wires, or whatever, trying to make it work. Finally they come all the way up to the platform to put a new battery in that little gismo that is hanging on the back of my skirt to see if that is the problem. Now if that isn’t a picture to behold! There he is fiddling around in the back of me, bending over trying to put a new battery in the receiver that is hanging on the back of my skirt. By now the audience is laughing their head offs. It is all very entertaining, but I have just lost about 8 minutes of my speaking time.

Even, when it all goes well, my microphone, the sound system and all… everything’s just hunky dory, the people are having a hard time hearing. What? Oh yes, when they were building the church they did not consult a reputable sound man before they started the building. Here we are sitting in these, incredible, beautiful, lovely, comfortable churches, but… poor sound, no matter where you sit you can’t hear. So now, after the church is built, they consult a qualified sound man and thousands of dollars are spent in trying to somehow make adjustments in the sanctuary part of the building. You know, it is all about the message, the Word of God, the very thing that Satan does not want anyone to hear. Satan has no power over the Word. So he tries and interferes some other way. He is a pain, a nuisance, and very annoying. Pay no attention. Press on.

If you had any idea of how many times this happens in one week, you too, would be frustrated. It’s absurd. God is looking to see how we respond to all this. Well, we don’t respond…or at least we shouldn’t. We press on. We can send men to the moon, but we can’t make a sound system that works. It’s Satan taking advantage of the situation.

Back in the dark ages when all these enormous cathedrals were built in Europe, they didn’t need a sound system or microphone; you could hear a pin drop in those buildings. How is it we can hear a tiny little bird singing off in the distance up in a tree somewhere? Did you ever think about that? Well, maybe we need to have church under the trees. Actually, in Hauna Village, in Papua New Guinea, before we could build a thatched roof church, that is exactly what we did. We met under the palm trees. We could all hear just fine.

But in spite of all the sound difficulty, I let people know that we will not allow Satan to interrupt this meeting. We press on in the name of Jesus, who has a whole lot more power than Satan or the sound system. He makes it work, and people are blessed. We win.

What a great meeting it was those two days (in Elk Grove, IL; October 20 and 21, 2007) in spite of the sound system. At the brunch, where there were around 80 people, we had a great time talking and sharing about the amazing things that the Lord is doing all over the world. It just loosened the people up. We laughed and bantered back and forth…the message went out and the people are still talking about it. Thank you Lord. The same scenario at the worship service – bad sound, but the Lord took care of that, and I gave my testimony and shared the gospel of Jesus. Satan looses again. It was one of those meetings where you felt like you had known each other for years. Just a warm and comfortable feeling. The presence of the Lord was there.

I had all the teenagers sit in the front, and after I had finished my talk I had them all stand up to be recognized… a generation that God is truly using to impact our country. They are a special generation. I also held up my book, Mission Possible, and asked the adults to pick out just one of these students and buy them the book. The book was written for Jr. High and High school students. Back at the table where the books and DVD’s were displayed, a woman came up and bought a book for each of those teenagers. WOW! Now that is the work of the Holy Spirit…touching lives. No matter how difficult a situation may seem, press on, and keep pressing on. God will take care of it eventually. Satan looses again. We win.

Thanks for allowing me to let off some steam.

Have a blessed day,

Marilyn Laszlo

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