Prayer and Praise

Hey, prayer works!!

I forget my age when I am with the teenagers. I just jump right in no matter what game they are playing.

My wrist is not broken – not even the tiny little bones…that is amazing, considering my age and some osteoporosis…and a very bad fall…my whole weight was on my left wrist. It is very bruised…a very bad sprain. The color is dark red and goes up into my arm. Actually, no one knew anything about my injury until after I got done speaking to the teens. They saw that I had fallen really hard. They were very concerned and asked if I was okay. I assured them that I was just fine. I only told the youth director after we were packing up and getting ready to leave the church. However, I could not put my coat on because of the pain and just carried it out to the car.

After I got to the house where I was staying, we started the cold and hot procedure.

Packing up the next morning and going to the airport, through security was not easy with my suitcase and backpack and using just one hand. I think you could picture that.

After I got home I called the doctor. He told me I had to get to the Emergency Room right now! I said, “Emergency Room? I will be there for hours.” He said, “Get going! They may even need to do an operation.” I said, “What? An operation? I have never had an operation since I was twelve years old when I had my tonsils out. I can’t have an operation.” “Marilyn, just go on to the Emergency Room, you’ll be fine. I will see you later.”

I now have a splint on that is really helpful, because without it I would really have a hard time dressing or putting my coat on…or going to the toilet!

Yesterday I was on the lawn mower for about five hours with the Vac Track sucking up the leaves.

Thank you so much for you prayers. I am so thrilled that I do not have a broken wrist.

I always seem to have a story of some kind. Some are better than others. My dear friend, Claude Bowen, a big business man with Dale Carneige, taught me how to tell stories. He said, “Everyone has a story…everyday…they just don’t know it.” God has brought so many beautiful and precious friends into my life….like you!

Love you.


PS РI have many open slots on my speaking calendar for next year. Would your church or group invite me to talk? See for my calendar and speaking details. Thank you!