Feelings During Translation

To Jess:

Thank you for the kudos! I am delighted that you enjoyed the meeting at the Okoboji Bible Conference.

Your question: “What were your feelings when you were trying to translate the language?”

My Answer:
“Well, I could write a whole book on that question. Did you get a copy of my book Mission Possible? It goes into more detail than what I will be able to do right now.

My feelings: Excited, propelled, anxious, scared, happy, blessed…full of God’s peace that I was where He wanted me to be. To analyze the language and start translating the Bible for these people is such an arduous task, but so rewarding. The Bible is alive and active and it will touch and change lives…even for the most remote and isolated people in the world.

It is all about Jesus and the Bible. We can’t lose. It is a win-win situation giving the people the Word of God in their language.

People who had no idea that their language could be written discover the power there is in a written language…especially when it is the Word of God. It answered many questions that these people had…concerning creation, life, the future, death, sickness, sin, polygamy, killing, forgiveness…where did it all begin. The Bible tells them. To see these people get so excited about one verse makes it all worthwhile.

All people in the world are prepared for the Word of God. The laws of God are written on the hearts of all men. The fields are ripe unto harvest…that means that everyone is ready for someone to come and tell them about the Big Father Creature. Some will believe and will not. It is such a thrill to see someone come to the Lord.

Bible Translation is probably one of the many challenges that a missionary will face. It is demanding, intensive, and an arduous task. It is long term – could be twenty some years or more…depends on where you are. Some countries are a lot more advanced than Papua New Guinea and takes a whole lot less time. It took us 24 years….and I would do it again.

The languages are one of the most incredible proofs of God. No agnostic, evolutionist, or atheist talk about the languages. They are so incredibly difficult. The grammatical structures and the orthographies make English look simple. Some of these languages come closer to Greek and Hebrew than English. You really can’t explain the nearly 7,000 languages in the world apart of Genesis 11 – the Tower of Babel.

What is your work? Wherever God put you that is your mission field.

Marilyn Laszlo – 24 years in Papua New Guinea and 39 years with Wycliffe Bible Translator